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Before the au pair contract is signed some details and conditions should be clarified.

Most things like daily schedule, tasks of the au pair,... should already be answered by the information in the host family's profile - if not, it's now time to settle them.

As learning or improving the host country's language is one of the main goals of being an au pair, make sure that it will be possible for the au pair to attend a language course. Check the following:

  • Which course (the current level of language knowledge can be tested online - see links & downloads) is needed?
  • When will it take place (date, time)?
  • Is the time compatible with the time schedule for the au pair? If not, are there any alternatives, e.g. a private language class (normally at higher price, to which the family is ready to contribute)?
  • How much does it cost? Can the au pair afford it? How much is the family eventually ready to contribute?
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