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In best case, the insurance isn't actually needed. In worst case, you find out that you have the wrong insurance after something happened...

We want to help you choose the right insurance, taylored to the needs of au pairs and host families.

Logo Dr. Walter Dr. Walter
With Au-pair 24, Dr. Walter provides a convenient package of insurances for au pairs with a very fast and easy way to take out the insurance online.

Au-pair 24 (for au pairs in Germany)

Language courses

Learning or perfecting a language is one of the main goals of being an au pair. 

While classroom trainings have the advantage that you also get to know other participants personally, online classes have the advantage that you can participate from anywhere, anytime.

Logo Babbel Babbel
With the language learning app from Babbel you can easily learn the language of many host countries (like German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian or Dutch) - anytime, anywhere, on your desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Learn the language of your host country with Babbel!
Logo Speak Norsk Speak Norsk

Norwegian language courses for au pairs in Oslo

Learn Norwegian in Oslo!
Logo Telc UK Telc UK

Contact us via the messaging system to get a 10% voucher for your language course at Telc UK in London!

Learn English in London!


Having a bank account in the host country makes life much easier for au pairs.

Additionally, to be able to deduct the cost for the au pair from tax, in many countries the host family needs to prove the payment of the pocket money by a bank transfer to the au pair's bank account.

A very good option for au pairs is an online bank: It's very easy to open an account, it's (mostly) for free and everything can be done via smartphone.

Logo N26 N26

N26 is a pure online bank, optimized for being used on a smartphone (which most au pairs have :-)).

Open bank account

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